WP10 series truck engine

At present, Weichai truck engines, with the displacement ranging from 2.3L to 13L and the power ranging from 70kW to 426kW, meet Euro II, Euro Ⅲ, Euro Ⅳ, Euro V, Euro VI,emission standards, and are applicable to heavy-duty tractors, middle-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, and off-road trucks. These engines are characterized by high reliability, strong power, fuel saving and environmental protection.

WP10 series truck engine

Product portfolio

Mode Displacement
Number of valves per cylinder Rated power/speed
Maximum torque/speed
Min. fuel consumption on external characteristic curve
Technical route Applicable model
WP10.310E53 9.726 4 228/1900 1500/1200-1500 195 Common rail + SCR Tractors、
Dump trucks、
WP10.336E53 9.726 4 247/1900 1550/1200-1500 195 Common rail + SCR Tractors、
Dump trucks、
WP10.350E53 9.726 4 257/1900 1600/1200-1500 195 Common rail + SCR Tractors、
Dump trucks、
WP10.375E53 9.726 4 276/1900 1650/1200-1500 195 Common rail + SCR Tractors、
Dump trucks、


Product advantages

  • Emission standard: China V.
  • Power performance: High power, high torque (and high output torque at low speed).
  • Economy: The optimized powertrain system ensures low fuel consumption; the engine is able to achieve high mechanical efficiency at low speed, ensuring low fuel consumption.
  • Comfort: The customized development of NVH ensures low noise and vibration.
    More safe and reliable
  • The movement speed of moving parts is reduced, and the movement time is prolonged.
  • The wear of friction pairs per unit time is reduced.
  • The service life of the crankshaft flywheel system and gear system is prolonged.
  • B10 life is greater than 800,000 km.
    Better economy
  • The maximum torque on external characteristic curve at low speed is improved.
  • The speed ratio of drive train is reduced, improving transmission efficiency.
  • The driver‘s shift schedule is improved, reducing fuel consumption.

    More comfortable

  • The high frequency torsional vibration zone of the engine is avoided..

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