City New Liner Series - JNP6850G

Monocoque Technology:
Youngman introduced the monocoque structure developed by Neoplan in Germany which enhances vehicle safety. The use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to model the stress distribution enables the designer to optimise the structure making the major assemblies lighter and reducing fuel consumption.
Independent Front Axle Suspension System:
Youngman also introduced the world patented independent front axle suspension sy-stem from Neoplan to ensure a smooth comfortable ride combined with improved re-liability.

For many years Youngman has invested in foreign experts to ensure the quality of both design and components which has enabled the group to achieve quality certification worldwide. This worldwide market recognition of our quality enables us to achieve homologation smoothly and efficiently particularly in Europe.

A-shape Rear Axle Suspension System:
Finally Youngman also introduced the Neoplan A-shaped rear axle suspension syst-em also to improve ride comfort and reliability along with enhanced loading capability and improved drive efficiency.

City New Liner Series - JNP6850G

General Data
Type and appplication City New Liner Series
Series JNP6850G
Length/width/height(mm) 8475/2450/3120(3000)
Front/rear overhang(mm) 1775/2600
Angle of approach/departure(°) 11/8
Kerb weight/GVW(kg) 7850/12000
Wheelbase(mm) 4100
Turning circle(m) 18
Max speed(km/h) 85
Max Grade Ability(%) 30
Fuel tank capacity(L) 209
Min.Ground clearance(mm) 140
Engine CA4DL1-20/4G180/WP5.180E
Type Six cylinders, inter-cooling , direct injection
Position Rear
Displacement(L) 5.13(5.2,4.76)
Max.output(ps/rpm) 200ps/2300
Max.torque(N.m/rpm) 780/1300-1700
Type of power Diesel
Emission standard Euro
Front axle Dongfeng
Drive axle Dongfeng(i=4.875)
Transmission Local
Steering Recirculating ball-type hydraulic powered steering
Braking system Double circuit airbrake,F/R drum brake
Shoe plates clearance auto-adjustable
Suspension system Spring suspension
Telescopic hydra-shock absorber
Structure Chassis
Body work frame Seamless steel pipe
Side panels Galvanized steel
Door arrangement Front and middle pneumatic inward-swing doors with aluminium sheet
Anti-punching device
Passenger capacity 63/10-32
Flooring 12m plywood flooring with anti-slip PVC coating
Dashboard Luxury
A/C 24000kcal/h, with Bock compressor
Windows Tempered, laminated, tinted
Tyre 8.25R20(8.25-20)
Emergency exit Manual on the roof
Defrosting ststem Front waterheating defroster
Interior Decoration
Color Light blue, or beige or Fresh grey
Monitor system Reverse monitor, passenger door monitor
Extinguisher Dry powder extinguisher,Rear cabin extinguisher
Stop belll
Board route Front,side,rear,inner side
Video system Station reporter,GPS,TV
Automatic ticketing
CAN system
Central Lubrication
Auxiliary heating system

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