City bus - JNP6120GHP-1

Monocoque Technology:
Youngman introduced the monocoque structure developed by Neoplan in Germany which enhances vehicle safety. The use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to model the stress distribution enables the designer to optimise the structure making the major assemblies lighter and reducing fuel consumption.
Independent Front Axle Suspension System:
Youngman also introduced the world patented independent front axle suspension sy-stem from Neoplan to ensure a smooth comfortable ride combined with improved re-liability.

For many years Youngman has invested in foreign experts to ensure the quality of both design and components which has enabled the group to achieve quality certification worldwide. This worldwide market recognition of our quality enables us to achieve homologation smoothly and efficiently particularly in Europe.

A-shape Rear Axle Suspension System:
Finally Youngman also introduced the Neoplan A-shaped rear axle suspension syst-em also to improve ride comfort and reliability along with enhanced loading capability and improved drive efficiency.

City bus - JNP6120GHP-1

General dimension
Overall Dimension
Lenght(mm) 12000
Width(mm) 2550
Height(mm) With Air Conditioner 3165
Height(mm) Without Air Conditioner 3065
Wheelbase(mm) 5980
Front/rear overhang(mm) 2700/3320
Front/rear track(mm) 2096/1836
Interior height(mm) 2470
Floor height(front axle/rear axle area)(mm) 385/480
Passenger door height*width(Front/middle)(mm) 1350/1350
Passenger entrance step height (Front/middle)(mm) 380/380
Passenger number
Total seats number(Including driver) 20~42
Total capacity (Including driver) 95-99
Kerb weight (kg) 11000
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 17500
Main performance parameters
Max speed (km/h) ≥65
Max grade ability (%) 18
The time count from Start to
accelerate to 50 km / h(s)(Empty Load)
Brake distance(m,Full loadV0=30km/h) ≤9.5
Min turning diameter(m) 24
Minimum ground clearance(mm) ≥140
Approach angle/departure angle(°) 7/7
Bus body lift/down(mm) 60/60
Each tyre load capacity (Front/rear)(kg/ Mpa) 3150/0.9)/(2900/0.85)
Fuel tank capacity(L) 180
Maximum power ratio(%) ≥20
Environmental Protection parameters
Outside Noise limit when acceleration(dB(A)) ≯84
Inside Noise limit when steady running(dB(A) ≯75
Emission standard Euro Ⅳ
General specification
Major Components Description and Model
Engine CUMMINS 225 hp Euro Ⅳ engine (ISBe4+ 225B,6.7L,Euro Ⅳ

165kw/2500rpm,850N.m/1500rpm )with OBD function

Accelerator pedal Electronic accelerator pedal
Engine cooling system Intercooler + Cooling water tank
Water tank fan driving system 3-speed electromagnetic clutch
Hybrid driving system Electrical clutch + ent magnet drive motor(44KW/420Nm/340V)

+6 shift  AMT Mechanic gearbox (EATON)

Hybrid Control system The parallel hybrid system
Hybrid cooling system Cooling fan+Cooling water tank+WEBASTO pump
Body structure Monocoque, pre-stretching panel skin . Aluminium baggage compartment door. BODY WITH INSULATION MATERIALS AND SEALING STANDARDS WITH APPROVAL OF THE EEC Regulation.
Corrosion treatment on the structure of the body In platform and structure including imported epoxy paint, base with high zinc injected with internal cavities corrosion wax, additional protection for the chassis frame with insulation layer akemi 1.5 to 2.0 mm thickness.
Front axle Neoplan Independent suspension Disc Brake front axle (7.5T)
Rear axle ZF AV132/90°Disc Brake rear axle (13T)
Suspension System Front 2 Rear 4 air Suspension+ Cylinder Hydraulic shock absorber
Tyre 275/70R22.5(Including spare tyre)Michelin
Rim 8.25×22.5(Including spae tyre)
Steering System Recirculated ball hydraulic power steering(ZF8098)
Braking system Double circuit air brake, FR/RR disc brake,WABCO ABS and ECAS,ASR,WABCO brake pump and valve
Air system for tires To Keep The Air Pressure Of The Tires With Change Less Than 1 Inch After 12 Hours Of Operation
Service Equipment Reverse monitor and Passenger door monitor,LED road board (front,back and side),Inside scrolling screen,loudspeaker,Staion reporter,speed record. Back up alarm
Body Electrical Control Mode CAN-BUS
Battery 2×12V/195Ah
Generator 28V/140Ah(For body)
Central lubrication system KFU2-40
Floor material Wear-resistant quartz graininess floor leather,anti-slip
Windows Safe, tempered, pasted, tinted ,Insulated,sliding
Front windshield Framed in top two composite sections and a front side, bottom in two sections (accompanying drawing)
Wiper 180W
Ventilators 2 on the roof
Passenger door 2 inside double-swing doors(Aluminium)
Driver seats Mechanical Shock absorber Type
Passenger seats Plastic ,Pink .Blue and Yellow(as per the attached diagram)
Defrost Standard engine water heating and defroster
Other accessories 2*5Kg dry-chemical fire extinguisher+4 Emergency hammer + driver side curtain +3 units DRXZGL-0.4 Engine compartment fire extinguisher + TM-QXE Money collection machine + The rear dustbin
Handrail Φ35 Silver-white aluminum oxide with a strengthening of the core-type handrail tube + handle (Three horizontal and three vertical ,from roof to seat base)
Door Closure safety system Prevent the unit moving forward with the door open
Handicapped ramp Manual
Paint Imported High quality metalic paint ,the logo and pattern as per requested

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