Zaki Automotive History

Zaki Automotive Group was established in 1985 by engineer Mohamed Zaki.

Over more than (34) years, Zaki Automotive Group contributed to the economic growth by supplying the local market with high international quality products.

Zaki Automotive Group works to provide satisfying products at reasonable prices. And by competing with international brands, with similar quality and efficiency while providing excellent services to its valued customers.

Zaki Automotive Group cares to provide precious service (after-sales service) to maintain its valued customers and support the products submitted to them with a continuous follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.

Zaki Automotive Group seeks to build, maintain and grow close relationships with old customers. Zaki Automotive Group concentrates on maintaining and treating our customers with respect, honesty and offering a unique service. We aim to have mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, briefly our general guidelines are:
• To become one of the top infrastructure support businesses in the Middle East market.
We continue to develop new products and to collaborate with other companies to bring advanced technologies to our market leading line-up.
• We have focused our resources on providing customers with the finest products and services.
• We committed to develop environmentally friendly technologies and establishing more efficient and convenient service systems with our partners who are global organizations in the construction equipment business.

Our policy at Zaki Automotive Group is to achieve our targets which are stated briefly:

• Good quality and reliable products,
• Suitable and very competitive prices,
• Economic running cost (Scales of Economies),
• Mobile repair service,
• Availability of spare parts with suitable prices,
• Service stations all over the country.

Our vision is the best through excellence.

The core of our vision is to provide our customers with high quality and durable products; complimented with an outstanding service that utilizes the use of our dedicated professionals, which helps us exceed our customers’ expectations.

To become one of Egypt ‘s most valued companies in our industry to all our clients, whether individuals (B2C) or companies (B2B).
We also aim to dominate regarding market share, this we can only reach after satisfying our customers.
To achieve this we executed the following:
• Manufacture and sell commercial vehicles (trucks and buses) of all types required in the Egyptian market.
• Offer high quality products in all our sectors, whether; spare parts or any of our trucks and products.
• Technical support to help us achieve market leadership, through a world class network, to provide the highest experience and satisfaction to our customers.










Our Vision & Mission

Zaki automotive group will keep expanding its business to be always leading in the markets we serve.

To offer the best quality by the best producers in the world guaranteed with our well-known name. As we are official agent and distributor for many of best European brands.

We serve our customers with high standards of service that builds a long term relationship and we encourage them to expand their business range, besides we provide them with the most innovative solutions and flexible systems which can fit different types of customers.

We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return to our shareholders and to finance continued growth and development, we also maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.

We pride ourselves on being some of the best,
most well-renowned automotive dealer in Egyptian Market .

Our Partners