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Truck Tractor 1836S 2x4
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Truck Tractor 2 x 4 For all purposes
*Perfect size
Identify the most salient features of Truck Tractor "BEI BEN" is already difficult because of their many advantages, foremost among which, actually is the size, which has a length of 6,295 meters and 2.5 for width and 3.26 higher while the long Of the Wheel base was 3.8 meters.
*Motor : Powerful engine
BEI BEN provide the Truck Tractor by a Powerful engine consists of six-cylinder with turbo charger and intercooler works with diesel the engine model is WD615.46,it is very well known to the Egyptian market for its reliance on German technology favored by the Egyptians ...
The Truck Tractor engine power: dated HP/RPM: 360/2200, Torque N.M/RPM 1460/ (1400-1600), figures which reflect the effectiveness enjoyed by this engine at the same time it preserves the environment it serves the requirements of the Euro - 2 The Fuel Tank capacities is 400 liters.
*Gear Box
The Truck Tractor depends on the gear box type Eaton (Fuller), model 12 JS 160 T, No. of Speed 12 front + 2 Rear.
The BEI BEN provide to the driver of the Truck Tractor and the passenger next to him comfort and safety, the Cabin equipped with a driver suspension seat, and 2 beds in addition to the power steering and we can add other equipments such as A/C for cabin, Air Deflection, Fog Light, Radio/Cassette, Adopt for towing.
The Truck Tractor provide a huge potential and capabilities due to their dependence on the front and rear heavy duty leaf spring with shock Absorbers and front stabilizer bar.
  tractor 2x4
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