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Truck Tractor (2636S) / (2642S) 6x4
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Truck tractor 6 x 4 “BEI BEN “ Compelling rugged Reliability .. Economic .. Efficiency .. These elements :
The Truck Tractor BEI BEN in order to compete at the top it depends on the Truck Tractor 4 × 6 is among the options where the key has the potential of allowing customers to achieve huge economic returns.
The Truck Tractor BEI BEN is processed by a Diesel engine model WD615.46 of 6 cylinder in line turbo charge, intercooler.
The maximum ability of the Truck Tractor BEI BEN Engine is dated HP/RPM 360/2200, Torque N.M/RPM (1600-1400)/1460 and is compatible with the requirements of the European Environment Euro 2.
The Gear Box in the Truck Tractor type is Eaton (Fuller), model 12JS200T with 12 fronts and 2 rears; also we have another model the 9JS180 of 9 fronts and 1 rear.
The Cabin of the Truck Tractor equipped with long cab with double bed and driver suspend seat and the process of steering type is power steering model ZF8098.
The axles in the Truck Tractor are non-driving steering axle at front and Tandom, double reduction with differential lock at rear.
The Truck Tractor depends on the suspension system at the front and rear heavy duty leaf spring with shock Absorbers and frond stabilizer bar.
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