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The fruit of the cooperation of Chinese And German technology

It has already succeeded in the market; in the tourism sector and the transport of personnel in general.

“Neoplan” Buses have been manufactured based on materials of high quality and resistance to rust and provide the passengers with safety and comfort, due to the special design.


“Neoplan” Buses have an elegant salon with a beautiful shape in full color and consistency, which accommodates 49 +1 +1; to complete the luxury theme, the chairs adapted with tables and all are fitted with seat belts to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

“Neoplan” Buses are equipped with many facilities to offer comfort and luxury in addition to Air-conditioning and heating systems.

Zaki Automotive Group started to introduce light trucks with the cooperation of North Benz Tiema and OPTO in China . The category will cover payloads from «1, 5» T, «4 - 6» T, «6 - 8» T as dump trucks or normal chassis. The trucks are equipped with all the necessary equipments and have the highest quality specifications.
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It has already succeeded in
into the market; due to many of many of its potential service sector are an important
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